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Meiske Hohnen Design is a client-focussed Perth-based residential design and drafting practice with a specific interest in providing efficient homes.

With the goal of achieving efficient renovated or new build homes in mind, we adopt a multifaceted design ethos for our practice that encompasses:

Energy Efficiency

Cost Efficiency, &

Functional Efficiency

Meiske Hohnen Design also believes in clarity, and is therefore transparent about costs and flexible in its service offering. There is no job too small, or too large. Having a little input should be something every person can enjoy, so we can build better-designed homes together. 

Founder Meiske Hohnen graduated from the University of Western Australia in 2009 with a Masters of Architecture and worked for world-class architectural firms Wingender Hovenier and Beuving Martensen in the Netherlands, and Hames Sharley and Broderick in Australia. She honed her skills across a range of institutional, commercial and residential projects before branching out with Meiske Hohnen Design.

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