Some service package options are outlined below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch so we can tailor something to your requirements.

Meiske Hohnen Design provide general consultation or advice from just $100 per hour. 

Feasibility Report:

Thinking of subdividing your property, building, or extending?

Meiske Hohnen Design can provide a feasibility report offering an in-depth study and assessment of the opportunities and constraints related to your site and situation.

Fee: from $500


Collaboration with Builder:

If you’ve already chosen a builder and your are now seeking design advice, or require a conduit for communication, Meiske Hohnen Design can work side-by-side with your chosen builder in various capacities to ensure your dream home is achieved.

Fee: Variable depending on level of collaboration

Project Home Advice:

If you have decided to go down the project home route, but find yourself daunted by the myriad of house plans and unsure which will suit your block,  Meiske Hohnen Design can sit down together to discuss how you can maximise your preferences and budget

Once you’ve settled on a preferred builder, we can review the designs on offer in relation to solar orientation, passive ventilation and efficient design principles and provide suggestions to ensure you are getting the best suited home for your site. 

Fee: $750


Drawing your vision onto paper:

Taking your vision and translating it into a sketch or drawing, while fine tuning the particulars with architectural expertise, can take your project to the next level.

Meiske Hohnen Design can produce basic sketch drawings on the computer from $1000. Drawings will not be at a level suitable for council approval and fee is based on ideas being compliant with the R-Codes. 

If it’s a 3D visualisation you’re after, this will vary starting from $500 depending on size & complexity. Options can then be tested for an additional fee if desired.

Interior Space Design:

If you need help with spatial planning during a remodel or renovation and require assistance, Meiske Hohnen Design can be engaged for a consultation. Expert advice when putting your ideas on paper can help provide the clarity you need, especially when it comes to hero zones like kitchens or bathrooms.

Meiske Hohnen Design can review your requirements, budget and preferences, come up with a sketch layout for approval and then produce 3D model visualisations of your space to show you a preview of what’s to come. 


Passive Environmental Design Advice:

If you are looking to understand more about passive environmental factors and how to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your current or proposed home without over-spending, Meiske Hohnen Design can perform a site visit to review site conditions, discuss your budget and requirements and propose possible solutions for your home.

Fee: from $300